Thermo-insulating bags

Our thermo-insulating bags are made of two types of material - bubble wrap with a metallised layer and a specially developed foam with heat insulating properties. Our bags are manufactured using 4 layers of bubble foil with three layers consisting of solid bubble foil and the fourth made of metallised foil, which is laminated to the triple-layered thermal foam. The third layer of the thermal foam is usually a flat LDPE foil or non-woven polypropylene. We can produce our insulating bags using two welding techniques – heat welding and ultrasound welding. The ultrasound welding is definitely more aesthetic in appearance and the weld itself is stronger. As always to meet the Client’s needs, we make thermal bags in various sizes. We can also produce such bags with a flap and tape for closing and with the tape welded inside the bag. To make our thermal bags look even better and be even more useful - we can produce them with a special handle to hold them. A barcode printed on request will facilitate the further distribution of the bags themselves and the products packed in them.