PE Fittings

We can produce nearly every possible shape of fittings. At the Client’s request, we can design fittings and packaging suited to protect the delivery of a given product.

Custom Cut Foams and Separators

Custom Cut Foams and Separators are used for the safe storage and transportation of fragile elements. The shape of the foam exactly fits the product and stabilises it completely. That kind of protection is used mainly in electronic equipment packaging and in the automotive industry.

PE Foam Profiles

Protective PE Profiles are best suited for areas most prone to damage, such as corners and edges. Thanks to its elasticity profiles cling to, thus perfectly protecting packed products.

Transport Box Foam Inserts

Foam Inserts are made mostly of EVA foams.
Such foams stand out with their unique characteristics. Therefore, they can be effectively used in reusable transport packaging systems.

The high transparency of these foams guarantees a superb display of packed products.

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