PE Foam in rolls

Polyethylene foam is a material known for its wide range of applications. It is 100% recyclable and has a variety of other advantages because it is:

  • light,
  • harmless
  • odourless
  • suitable for food contact
  • mould-proof and moisture-proof
  • great for heat insulation and sound absorption
  • chemically inert
  • watertight and vapor-proof
  • produced without the use of hazardous substances (HCFCs)

Polyethylene foam is an excellent solution for surfaces, which require special protection.

It consists of many closed cells, guaranteeing optimal protection from scratching the surface.

It is a wear-resistant material that protects soft surfaces, it is remarkably light, stretchy and easy to use. The next important qualities are moisture resistance (which fibreboard lacks) and being chemically inert, therefore there is no need to be afraid of products reacting with the material.

Polyethylene foam is also applicable in building & construction.

  • To increase ceiling insulation against impact sounds
  • Applicable for floating floors (foam from 5 to 12 mm thick) and in lightweight floor structures (foam 2 or 3 mm thick with optional vapor-proof foil lamination)

Regarding PE Foam we can offer the following products: