Polyethylene bags

We produce polyethylene bags according to the Client’s order specification. We can design packaging depending on the product which has to be protected.

Polyethylene Bags offer

In our offer you can find foam bags with the following properties:

  • in various colours,
  • from 0.8 to 3 mm thick,
  • with at least 100 mm depth (maximal depth depends on foam thickness)
A charging hole in the foam bag does not restrict anything. For convenience during the opening, all bags can be made with an overlap.

At the Client’s request, we paste a sealing tape to an envelope to prevent the eventual sliding out of the product during the shipping. We use tapes with permanent adhesive and tapes, which enable multiple opening and closing of the bag. To increase durability, foam bags can be woven (laminated) with various thicknesses using HDPE or LDPE foil.