Polyethylene inserts

PE Inserts are used for protecting a product from dust and minor scratches. There are many other names for this item, such as spacers, pads, foam sheets or foam formats – no matter how they are called we can prepare any possible format and size.

Not only can we do the aforementioned things, but we can make any possible cut-outs and notches or even shapes of inserts too. In this matter, we can suit the individual needs of our Clients.

Our offer of PE Inserts

NIt is worth noting, that PE Inserts can be not only in white colour – we can offer other them in other colours too. Sheets can be woven (laminated) with various thicknesses using HDPE or LDPE foil to increase their durability. We can make as well inserts laminated with bubble wrap and cardboard sheets/inserts foam-coated on one or both sides.