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The project was co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and State Budget.


The Ordering Party:

Santar s.c. Agnieszka Jóźwicka Daniel Sanowski Sobota, ul. Bąkowska 9, 99-423 Bielawy

NIP: 8341816304
REGON: 100297296

On 30.10.2013, The Company Santar s.c. Agnieszka Jóźwicka Daniel Sanowski announces the commencement of proceedings for the competitive procurement of a contract through a public contract notice. The contract is to be conducted in the form of a public tender.
The contract concerns the project "Implementation of innovative technologies of polyethylene foam packaging production by the Santar company", realised within the framework of the Regional Operational Programme of Lodz Voivodeship for 2007-2013; Priority axis III Economy, innovativeness, entrepreneurship; Measure III.2 Improvement of innovativeness and competitiveness of enterprises

The Subject of the contract:


Specification as follows or its equivalent: Minimum requirements:
Laminating machine for polyethylene foam with different laminates (HDPE foil, LDPE, paper) with printer, with a lamination width of 2.5 m, maximum lamination speed 150m/min, maximum diameter of rolls 1300 mm
The line will be equipped with:
  • double microperforation system made according to the applicant's construction and technological requirements - roll fixing system;
  • rollers heated with oil, maintaining constant laminating temperature;
  • touch control panel;
  • printer for printing on laminate.

Technical data: Main operating parameters:

  • Maximum working width: 2500mm
  • Maximum lamination speed: 150m per minute
  • Maximum roll diameter: 1300mm
  • Internal diameter 3˝ (76.2 mm)

All bids submitted in foreign currencies will be converted to PLN at the average NBP rate as of the date of selection of the most favourable bid. The selection of the most favourable bid will be based on the following criteria: • Price [100%]

Method of calculating points for the criterion

lowest price / researched price x 100%

Realisation deadline: until 30.06.2014

Procedure for submission of bids:

The bid should be submitted in writing and include: - name and address of the bidder; - description of the subject matter of the bid; - value of the contract; - date of preparing the bid; - date of validity of the bid; - signature and stamp of the bidder (does not apply to bids submitted by e-mail); - it is not possible to submit partial bids.

Place for submitting bids:

The Headquarters of The Ordering Party (Sobota, ul. Bąkowska 9, 99-423 Bielawy) or one of the following e-mail addresses:;;

Deadline for submitting bids: 20.11.2013 until 15.00

Deadline for opening the offers and selection of the supplier: 21.11.2013

The Purchaser reserves the right to terminate the tender selection process without appointing a supplier.

Contact person:

Sanowski Daniel ; tel. 601 081 223; email: