ECO polybags Recopak

Continuing our ecological activities, we have introduced new products to our assortment, which are Recopak Eco envelops. These eco mailer bags are made of 100% recycled materials. They consist of 2 layers - a layer of eco ldpe foil and one layer of bubble wrap with increased grammage, which makes them extremely strong. Eco bags are equipped with a self-adhesive strip of strong glue that creates a secure closure. The bar is located on a closed tab. The Eco envelope is black inside and out, which means that the products placed there remain completely invisible to any eyes. :) ECO mailer bags are intended for shipments of various items, documents, jewellery, and delicate products. However, they don't have to be small or light things, because our Eco bags are very durable and tear-resistant. We have three sizes of Recopak packaging as standard, but we can make a size especially for you :), Eco envelopes perfectly protect against all scratches, dust, moisture, dirt and even against breakage (a solid layer of bubbles will take care of it). It is an ecological and environmentally friendly product because it is not only made of 100% recycled materials, but is recyclable after use. Recopak also solves the problem of separating individual layers of packaging, as is the case with classic bubble envelopes with paper. Our polybag goes entirely to the plastic container and will receive a new life after reprocessing.