Bubble Wrap Bags

Concerning the production of bubble wrap bags and sacks, we are also flexible and ready to suit your needs.

We have produced both small bubble wrap sacks and huge bags as well. Bubble wrap pouches are used in the packaging of fragile items not only during the shipping but also to deliver finished products to the final customer.

Types of Bubble Wrap Bags

Some clients are not aware, that there are many kinds of Bubble Wrap Bags and they ask about the one from standard foil. Meanwhile, the foil itself can be double or triple-layered with various grammage. No matter what kind of bag you choose – we will make it 😊. We can produce bubble wraps with an overlap and a sticky tape that allows us to close the bag.

Bags from Bubble Wrap

Bags from Bubble Wrap are resistant to tearing, and thanks to its properties are not only protecting the product from rubbing, crushing or moisture, but they are excellent in shock absorption and in filling the empty spaces in bulk packages too.